BTA Certified Blockchain Business Foundations Exam Preparation


In this blog I will provide you with an overview of the resources I used to pass exam BTA-CBBF and tips on the exam. I hope it will be of use to you.

By way of a hobby I am interested in Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and all things related like blockchain. It is fascinating how the area of cryptocurrencies interfaces with other fields, ranging from socio-economics to politics to mathematics, programming, security, cryptography, trading, technical analysis.

Also, the field of IT and blockchain are closely related. I work as a freelance IT Cloud architect and always try to steer in what area I want my next assignment to be. One of these ways of steering is to get educated in my area of interest.

So I decided to get schooled on blockchain and choose to start with the Blockchain Business Foundations exam. As Blockchain Training Alliance states on their web site:

The Certified Blockchain Business Foundations (CBBF) exam is an elite way to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in this emerging space.

The course is not very technical but it covers the essence of blockchain well. It is a nice start into the world of blockchain.


Preparation for this exam is quite transparent: BTA has a free training course with 6 hours of training in 14 video chapters. Kris Bennett is the instructor and he is knowledgeable and nice to listen to. In addition to the video course an official Certified Blockchain Business Foundations (CBBF) exam study guide can be downloaded from the BTA web site.

I first watched the video’s and after that read the study guide. I dug a little deeper on some areas of interest such as Merkle trees, contents of a block header by looking up information on Google an Youtube.

On Youtube I found a few sample exam questions just to get a feel for how the questions are asked on the real exam.

Scheduling the exam

The steps on how to enroll for an exam can be found on BTA’s web site. The vouchers are bought at Pearson Vue. I had a lot of trouble creating an account at Pearson Vue until somebody told me that you need a separate account for every company (i.e. Microsoft, BTA, etc.) you schedule an exam for.


Usually the exams are to be done at a physical testing center but this was not possible due to the Corona-crisis. After asking BTA provided me with an online exam voucher. What I really missed was some explanation about the exam procedure. For example I was wondering if the exam was proctored and if so what the regulations were. Did I have to have an empty desk and so on.

When I was ready for the exam I first made sure to close all unnecessary programs on my laptop and disable the ad-blocking software in my browser just to avoid any problems. After that I double clicked the online exam voucher and after a short introduction the exam started. It was not proctored and worked without a problem.

The CBBF exam is a 70 question multiple-choice exam that lasts 1.5 hours. I was ready in about half an hour so I had ampel time. There is a possibility to mark questions for review. You can go back and forward through the questions and all questions are in the form of short one-line questions with multiple choice answers. Most of the questions require one answer and only some tell you to select all answers that are correct (implying that multiple answers are correct).

For some questions I got the idea that they were a little outdated for the blockchain field is moving fast. For example there was a question about Proof of Work and which blockchains use this type of consensus. It was a “select all correct answers”-question but according to me there was only one answer correct. This struck me as strange and my conclusion is that possibly the question is outdated because there was at least one other blockchain on the answer list which used to use PoW in the past.

Some other questions and answers were confusing in their meaning. I remember one question of which I was sure all answers were wrong unless you interpreted them loosely. There was no way of leaving any comments on the exam which I found a pity for this could be nice input to enhance the exam.

After I had answered the final question and reviewed my marked questions the exam ended and showed me the result right away. This result will also be listed in your personal section at the BTA web site but it took around 24 hours to show up. I did not receive a mail message after ending the exam. This made me worry a little whether the exam result was recorded properly.

I did not find the exam to be particularly difficult. I got 96 points out of 100. Make sure you know the difference between decentralized and distributed. I had one question about Corda.

The next exam I probably want to pursue is the Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA).

I hope my blog helps and good luck in preparing for the exam!

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