Microsoft Azure AZ-300 Exam Preparation


In this blog I will provide you with an overview of the resources I used to pass exam AZ-300 – Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies and some tips on what to expect from the exam.

Exam AZ-300 is for the Azure Architect role and if passed along with exam AZ-301 this exam will provide for the Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification.

Before I started to prepare for this exam I already was quite proficient in Azure. Despite my previous knowledge it spend one or two hours per day for a period of ten weeks to prepare for this exam. I passed with a score of 840 (a minimum of 700 is required).

In this blog I have collected the most important sources of information I used to pass this exam in November 2019. I personally like to learn using a physical book but unfortunately at the time I was learning for this exam there was no official learning book available.


I started out by following Scott Duffy’s Udemy AZ-300 course to get a general overview of the exam topics. This course provides for 11.5 hours of on-demand video. Oftentimes Udemy provides a discount and the price is really fair. Although Scott has a very nice way of conveying information I found the course to only scratch the surface of the stuff you need to know to pass the exam successfully.

After I completed Scott Duffy’s course I followed the free online course from Microsoft. This course can be found on the official Exam AZ-300: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies page from Microsoft Learning. Scroll a little down this page to the Two ways to prepare section to find a complete online and free course for AZ-300.

After reading the Microsoft course I watched most of the 65 hours of video available on PluralSight path Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (AZ-300). This training resource was free at the time I was preparing for the exam but otherwise PluralSight uses a monthly subscription model well worth the content they are providing.

On a regular basis I used one other fine source with tips for the exam and links to study resources: navigate to subreddit r/Azure (and to a lesser extend r/AzureCertification and do a search for AZ-300. In this subreddit people post what their experiences are with the exam.

More sources

Azure also has a trial option so that you can use Azure for a period of one month for free. However, this subscription is coupled to your credit card and you can use this credit card only once for a free subscription. If the free month is over you can switch to the Azure Hands on Labs. These are guided labs so even more useful than doing it on your own and a great way of practising Azure.

One other tip: please take a look at the website of John Saville. John has a great way of explaining all things Azure.

Scheduling the exam

When I thought I was kind of ready for my exam (I never really am) I booked my exam from the Microsoft Learning website . I choose the option Microsoft Exam Replay with Practice Test which includes one Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification exam voucher + one retake and one Microsoft Official Practice Test from MeasureUp.

You can also book the exam directly though MindHub.

The replay option is a little bit more expensive than just the exam but removed some mental obstacle for me to get on and schedule the exam instead of keeping on learning.

The Microsoft Official Practice Test at MeasureUp was quite helpful. Although the exam questions of MeasureUp are not the same questions presented on the actual exam Microsoft guarantees that the stuff that is covered in the MeasureUp exam covers all of the study objectives. This made me feel a little more confident.


I took the exam at a testing center. You can also do a proctored test at home but personally I like to do these kinds of exams at a physical testing center. The commute to the testing center helps me to get into the concentration mood of taking an exam. I guess this is different for everyone so it is nice to have the option to do the exam at home also (proctored test).

The actual test consisted or three different sections. The three sections were separate but time counts towards the overall time. On screen the total number of questions is shown together with the number of questions for the specific section.

Exam sections:

  1. The exam started with around thirty regular questions. These consisted of multiple choice questions. I personally did not get any drag and drop questions. You are able to mark them for review and return to them any time while in this section. However, there was a special set of four questions within this section. These four questions were part of one scenario. The questions proposed an possible solution and the answers were a simple Yes or No whether the proposed solution solved the issue stated in the scenario. Once answered you could not return to the question.

    When all questions were answered there was an option to review the questions. Once finished the next section began and it was no longer possible to return to the first section.
  2. The next section consisted of eight lab parts. For one lab I had to open the CLI but I could not find the CLI icon. After too long a time it appeared to me it was compressed in a menu because of the small monitor size.

    Again, when all questions were answered there was an option to review the questions. Once finished the next section began and it was no longer possible to return to the first section.
  3. The third section consisted of a scenario with quite some text. Six scenario questions were presented. It helped me to not read the scenario in depth but scan over it and then start with the questions. For each question I tried to find the relevant section and sometimes this was just one sentence in the overall text.

I hope that I was able to help you a little bit. Good luck on your exam!

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