Patrick Dickinson and the Ladybower Plughole

A tip: if you want to see a well humored, adventurous individual who makes some pretty great exploration videos, please have a look at the YouTube videos of Patrick Dickinson.

Since I never watch tv (another free tip) I occasionally turn to YouTube for information and fun (although I am careful not to get sucked into it – that would (almost) be the same as watching tv).

I don’t recall how I discovered Patrick but I am sure glad I did. Watching him has a similar effect on me as Bob Ross. Completely different setting and completely different activities but really fun to watch and listen to.

Patrick travels mostly around his hometown (I presume) Sheffield and explores hardly known and half-forgotten man-made tunnels. He also camps in the wild, on his own and sometimes under harsh conditions such as in winter.

One of his most interesting videos is about his exploration of the Ladybower Plughole.

Source: Patrick Dickinson – Ladybower Reservoir Plughole Explore Inside and Out (YouTube)

And after watching that video watch this one. Amazing!

PS: And this.

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