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Buy a fireproof safe on craigslist. Seller lives at 15 minutes drive by car. Price agreed, done deal.

Weekend and appointment arrive. Windy, rainy, cold. Wife and I both need to leave around the same time. Sudden haste because phone is 15 minutes behind (wut?!) Hurry in my car to collect safe. Pass wife’s car. Glimpse flat tire. Go back in the house and bring the news. Stressful. We agree I should yield my car and solve my new problem.

I go by bike, in a real hurry now. Still rainy and cold. Added headwind. Yesterday the last button of my coat fell off. Twenty minutes later I arrive at seller’s. Nobody home. I recheck my appointment. One hour early.

Back at my house. Ten minutes before I have to leave again. Rainier, windier and colder. Arrive at seller’s exactly on time. Inside the house a young kid is nervously trying to open the backdoor. Some kind of escape.

Seller walks to the safe. Safe door is now locked shut but was open a moment ago!? Seller did notify earlier that the dial number is unknown. He also did notify the young boy 10 minutes earlier not to close the safe and turn the dial. Ok, obvious.Now I own a safe, for free, firmly closed. Empty.

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